Poweramp Apk Cracked v3 build 790 Full

Poweramp Apk Cracked

Poweramp v3 Apk Cracked Free Download

Poweramp Apk Cracked v3 Music player is a strong music player for Android devices. You can play your most favorite tune through a wonderful domain and capable player. This is a very helpful music player in the world today. Poweramp Music Player Apk to make your advanced movable android device. It is a very famous program which is easy to use. It has some excellent elements in it too.

This media player is backing all sound configurations. Poweramp Pro Apk cracked Premium has also the similar structure as the most well-recognized player in the world. This application named Poweramp Music Player Android Apk has many new tools. You can easily use this music player.

The developers make it an unlocker application. Which is near to open all the premium rudiments on you PDA utilize. It does not a considerable programming. You do not require any uncommon aptitude to utilize this useful development.

Download the power amp pro apk Music Player v3 which is a totally new advanced application. It is similar to a media player for Android devices. Poweramp Apk Cracked is also similar to other vlc, monkey media player and much more.

Poweramp Apk Cracked

Main Screen Of Poweramp Pro v3 Apk:

  • The main screen has a large album art which is sensitive to touches.
  • This app will also automatically search and download a missing album.
  • It also has a containing folder for an appropriate image.
  • The long press can also open the Album Art screen.
  • It has additional list-switching buttons such as previous, next, folder, album and playlist etc.
  • Mini-display area can control Now Playing selection.

Equalizer And Tone Sections:

  • 10 band graphical equalizer.
  • PREAMP control is available.
  • It can also work for any supported format and the Bluetooth headset.
  • Separate Tone controls too.
  • Low pass Bass and also high pass Treble.
  • 16 user-created presets
  • Presets can be assigned either to specific output or even to the whole album, folder, and playlist etc.
  • It plays songs from either pre-selected Folders or from own Library.
  • Choose any number of first level folders from SD card or internal memory.
  • Its folder scanner can also scan about 1000 songs in one second.
  • Folders list can show a plain list of folders with music or folders.
  • Poweramp can also show CUE files with multiple tracks in Folders list.

Widgets and Lock Screen:

  • The Poweramp comes with large comfortable widgets.
  • Screen Lock is also available.
  • A number of options are there for Lock Screen fine-tuning.
  • From Poweramp to sd card, you may download it free Poweramp Widgets Pack.


Poweramp has four unique themes

  • Default,
  • Aluminum,
  • White Plastic, and
  • Black Neon
    You can also download more skins from Google Play.

Features of Poweramp Pro v3 Crack:

  • Poweramp Apk Cracked can play mp3, mp4 and all formats of m4a.
  • 10 band optimized graphical equalizer is available for the support of all formats.
  • Good quality Bass and Treble adjustment.
  • Stereo eXpansion and mono mixing balance is available too.
  • You can replay any or all songs.
  • Play songs from the folders or own library.
  • Dynamic.
  • It can support m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists.
  • Art animation is also available.
  • Highly impressive widgets.
  • Configurable screen lock.
  • Headset support is available too.
  • Special tag editor is added in this program.
  • Fast library scans in just less than a minute.
  • It can support the lyrics too.
  • You can customize it via settings.
  • More than 20 languages such as English, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean and Russian etc.
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