GRAVITY SCREEN PRO – On / Off Paid unlocked Apk

Gravity Screen Pro app works when you put your phone into your pocket. And when you take it out or up it turns the screen on. There is no need to touch any button. Gravity Screen Unlocked apk is helpful when your lock key is hard to reach or the power button is broken.

Gravity Screen Pro On / Off application is truly excellent, it turns on and off automatically display on Android without using the power button, which is free but it is for the first time introduced a paid version. If you frequently turn on and off the phone many times in a day the Gravity Screen Pro Apk On/Off is designed for you cause of the great functions that can only sensor device without the Power button to turn off or turn on the front of your screen. Play Store rated at 4.2 out of 5.0 that we first unlocked version and the full Gravity Screen Pro Apk free download is available for free so that you can download it by one click.


  • Pocket Sensor Turns the screen off when your phone is in your pocket.
  • Table Sensor Detects your phone is lying on a table and turn it off.
  • Screen Turn On by Motion If the screen is off and when you facing up your device, it will be woken up by moving it.
  • Keep Screen On by Motion It keeps the screen on, on the small movements of your hand while holding the device.
  • Smart Lock support It’s a workaround to make the Smart lock feature work on devices.


  • Best performance
  • Shortcuts
  • Wider range for Turn Screen On by Motion Timeout
  • Wider range for Table Sensor
  • Suspension on Landscape mode
  • Exclusive Applications option


  • No 15 minutes limit for turning the screen on by motion.
  • Table sensor can be set speedier.
  • Unlocked version has more than what Pro has.
  • Exclude App list other than Lollipop.
  • Gravity Screencaps More advanced Delayed lock option.


  • Fixing the issues caused by the June update of Marshmallow.
  • Fixing German translation.
  • New Smart Lock Support for rooted devices.
  • Updated Locale app. You may have to re-add GS to your task.
  • Fixing various issues.
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